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We are a creative company with a long experience in media industry; our de-structured anatomy allows us a better creative approach obtaining a high production value while meeting business objectives for your brand.

Emotions serves as cement of all communication, we use them to connect with the viewer and to reinforce the message of your visual content with innovative ideas and unique approaches.

We like to see ourselves as craftsmen: tailoring every single project in a different way without ever repeating the same approach. But thanks to repetition itself we have learnt how to master our crafting techniques to get best results.

We dislike insipidity, we want our work to have a tactile dimension with a compelling and original content for your story.

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Stefano Pasotti


Born in Milan, graduated in Theory of Cinema at ITSOS Albe Steiner and in Communication, Media and Advertisement at IULM University.

In 2011 he founded Medhelan Movies where he shot music videos for international bands such as Hammock and Mechanical God Creation. Corporate videos, short films, web ads and motion graphic animations for universities, financial advisory and web service companies. Names like Bocconi University, University of Insubria, Tonino Lamborghini and Toshiba.

In 2014 he moved to London to do a master course in visual effects at Escape Studios and become a post production specialist for the past 5 years working for commercials, VR installations and films. He worked with brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Nexus, Nike, Microsoft, Glenfiddich and Charlotte Tilbury.